Sean Hannity: From Las Vegas to Puerto Rico, media plays politics to hurt President Trump

While President Trump was consoling the nation and offering support for Las Vegas, the Democrats and their friends in the media were rushing in to politicize a tragedy in the most despicable way imaginable.

The 59 people gunman Stephen Paddock killed were not even buried and the hundreds he injured still fighting for their lives when irresponsible politicians and members of the press sought to score cheap political points and push a gun-control agenda.

“Our grief isn’t enough,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. “We can and must put politics aside and stand up to the NRA and work together to try and stop all of this from happening again.”

Likewise, Hillary Clinton weighed in less than nine hours after the shooting and went deep into the gutter of politics. She mused that the massacre would have been worse if Paddock had a “silencer,” showing she knows as much about firearms as she does running a campaign.

Do these people have any decency? We don’t know…

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