Say goodbye to network cables

Say goodbye to network cables

In today’s always-on mobile business world, wireless connections are essential to keeping companies running optimally. However, despite the fact that the use of mobile terminals in the office is continually increasing, peripherals such as scanners, multifunctional printers, dongles, and USB hard drives frequently do not have a wireless interface.

Specialist solutions provider Silex has solved this problem. Silex has developed network connectivity solutions for devices without network capability, making “dumb” devices “smart”. Providing Wi-Fi connectivity for a wide range of devices, Silex allows them to be flexibly connected in any location.

“The Silex range allows users to share any peripheral device through a wired/wireless network. This means that USB devices can be used in a LAN or W-LAN environment, and LAN devices can also be used in a wireless environment. Silex also allows for interactive audio and video distribution across both types of networks,” explains Frikkie Koegelenberg, CEO of PDC, Silex’s representative in Africa.

The latest product in the Silex range, the DS-520AN wired/wireless USB Device Server, provides high performance and reliable connections to help turn any network ready device into a wireless device. Koegelenberg points out that this means the days of cabling challenges are long gone, because devices can be placed where they are needed, not where the cable is.

“Whether you are running an office, airport, warehouse, factory, school, or shop, installing a printer or other peripheral devices has traditionally been a challenge. The LAN cabling has to be in place to connect the device and this often requires additional cabling to be done. As a result, once the location of the installation has been chosen, moving the device is difficult. With the Silex solution, peripherals can be moved as…

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