‘Saturday Night Live,’ With Help From Old Friends, Skewers ‘Morning Joe’

When quizzed by Mr. Moffat about inaccuracies in his reporting, for which the real Mr. Wolff has been castigated, Mr. Armisen was unapologetic.

“Look, you read it, right?” Mr. Armisen said. “And you liked it, you had fun? Well, what’s the problem? You got the gist, so shut up. Even the stuff that’s not true, it’s true.”

Mr. Murray showed up next as Stephen K. Bannon, the onetime chief strategist to Mr. Trump who was completely cast aside after he was quoted in Mr. Wolff’s book disparaging the president’s children. While Mr. Murray’s delivery was uneven, he did get off a few laugh lines, including telling the MSNBC hosts that he was working on developing a skin care product (“Blotch”) and a line of wrinkled barn jackets called “frumpers for guys.”

“I convinced this country to elect Donald and I can do it again,” Mr. Murray said. “Already auditioning candidates, got some prospects. Logan Paul. Martin Shkreli. The Subway guy, Jared Fogle, he’s back. He’s electable. It’s time for America to slide down the Bannon-ster.”

Rounding out the impersonations, Leslie Jones appeared as Oprah Winfrey, fresh off her Golden Globes speech that set off days of speculation that she might run for president in 2020. When asked if she was running, Ms. Jones said, “Well, I am a celebrity, so I am qualified.”

‘Weekend Update’ Takes On Mr. Trump’s Vulgarities

Colin Jost and Michael Che targeted the furor surrounding Mr. Trump’s disparaging words this week about Haiti and certain countries in Africa. The hosts responded with a mix of detached bemusement and resignation.

Mr. Che said:

“Can I be honest? When someone asks me, ‘Did you hear what Donald Trump called Haiti and Africa?’ I was like, ‘Oh, boy. Did it start with an ‘N’?’ But then I heard what he said. And I was like, ‘That’s it? I have said that about countries for not having a CVS.’ Here’s the thing. My job is to make jokes about the news. But Trump…

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