San Diego doctors see uptick in opioid-addicted newborns

As America’s addiction to painkillers reaches epidemic levels, the drugs are starting to affect San Diego’s smallest and most vulnerable residents — newborns.

More hospitals are reporting cases of babies born addicted to opioids.

“Structurally these babies may look normal but we don`t know the long term effects of these children,” said Dr. Sean Daneshmand.

Dr. Daneshmaud is a maternal fetal medicine specialist who works with high-risk pregnancies at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital. He started the non-profit Miracle Babies in 2009 that provides family assistance to those with children in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

“Women are usually very honest in pregnancy. Every mom, for the most part, wants to do the best for their child,” Dr. Daneshmand said. “If there`s a time when someone wants to stop drug use, it`s during this time.

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Of the 9,200 babies born at Mary Birch last year, roughly one in five ended up in the NICU. They are admitted for a variety of issues including being what’s called a “pos-tox baby” or baby born addicted to…

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