RX2Live Provides Southern Texas’ Physician Practices a New Revenue Stream Through Chronic Care Management Program

1 in 4 adults have two or more chronic health conditions.

Increasing government involvement in Health Care along with changes in insurance coverage reimbursements have created a more challenging environment for doctors fighting to remain in business. Doctors play a critical role in society and are searching for solutions to remain in business and be profitable.

One possible solution comes from a company called RX2Live. They are a franchise company that specializes in health care solutions for patients and doctors. RX2Live is the first to package and market a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program that doctors can implement immediately and requires no upfront costs or additional time invested for them or their staff.

CCM is a service provided by physicians and clinical care teams to carefully monitor and provide comprehensive care for chronic health care conditions in a systematic way to supplement regular office visits.

The U.S. government first introduced the program to provide better care for patients and to better control Medicare costs. On January 1, 2015, Medicare began paying doctors for implementing the CCM program. CCM payments reimburse practitioners for furnishing specified non-face-to-face services to qualified beneficiaries each month.

The program has been available for over two years but very few people including doctors have ever heard of it. Doctors who have heard of the CCM program have found it difficult to implement because of the many requirements and restrictions to administer the program. For example, doctors trying to implement their own CCM program must develop or purchase compliant software to track and document every non-face-to-face interaction with the patient. Hiring extra staff may also be required to capture all the patient’s…

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