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Toyota closes Australian plant

Toyota is set to close its Melbourne manufacturing plant today, slashing the number of jobs from 4000 to just 1300 people.

The car company announced plans to close the Altona factory in 2014, saying it was unable to continue production due to the “unfavourable Australian dollar” as well as the high costs of manufacturing here.

Victorian Industry Minister Wade Noonan told ABC it is “a terribly sad day”.

“This in every way is an end of an era for manufacturing in Victoria. It’s obviously a very sad day for thousands of workers who will lose their jobs, not just at Toyota but across the supply chain,” he said.

No more cars will roll out of the Toyota manufacturing plant in Altona. Picture: Joshua Dowling.Source:Supplied

Steak with a side of maggots

A Sydney woman has posted a sickening video of a steak she ordered from a restaurant that was teeming with maggots.

Stella Kim said she ordered the meal at The Ranch Hotel in North Ryde last week, and wrote about her experience on Facebook.

“We ordered steaks and one of our steak was full of worms. Live worms coming out of the steak. We couldn’t believe this was happening at one of the big restaurant in Australia. Don’t know how many people are affected by this,” she wrote.

She called on the NSW Food Authority and the City of Ryde to investigate the restaurant’s food handling practices.

Body clock study wins Nobel prize

Three American scientists, who discovered the molecular structure of the body clock, have won the Nobel prize for Physiology and Medicine.

Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young dissected fruit flies to isolate a gene that controls the circadian rhythm.

They found it has a protein that accumulates during the night and degrades during the day, regulating things such as behaviour, hormone levels, sleep, body temperature and metabolism.

It helps explain issues such as jet lag.

Biologist Michael Young helped discover the molecular mechanism of circadian rhythm….

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