Riding the Wild Tonic™ Wave at Surf ‘n’ Suds Beer Festival

Wild Tonic 5.6% ABV On Tap at Surf ‘n’ Suds, 2017

Catch a wave, grab some rays, and your own “little vortex in a bottle,” at the fifth annual Surf ‘n’ Suds Beer Festival. Presented by Trek Bikes of Ventura, this “Beer Festival with a Surf Twist” will be held on Saturday, August 12 at Carpenteria State Beach, Carpinteria, California. From 12:30 – 4:30 pm (last pour), Artisanal Jun Kombucha brewer Wild Tonic™, will be serving the Central Coast their first taste of its 5.6% alcohol Jun Kombucha in 3 mouthwatering flavors: Blueberry Basil, Raspberry Goji Rose, and Tropical Turmeric.

A rare cousin of kombucha, Jun is steeped in mystery and celebrated for its effervescence and light flavor. Meticulously brewed and impeccably crafted by hand, Wild Tonic™ Jun Kombucha 5.6% is a naturally fermented drink made with: organic raw jun culture, exotic teas, honey, filtered water, organic fruit juices, botanicals, herbs, and spices and fermented to the point of 5.6% alcohol by volume. Unlike traditional kombuchas fermented with sugar, Wild Tonic™ derives its smooth, subtle, and sophisticated drinking experience by fermenting with honey.  

Wild Tonic™ Founder and Master Brewer Holly Lyman exclaims “We are beyond excited about the California release of Wild Tonic’s 5.6% Jun Kombucha. Our California fans are so passionate about our Jun Kombucha. Currently available only in Arizona and Nevada, this has been long in the making.”

“Situated just 12 miles south of Santa Barbara,” says Steven L. Siegel, Wild Tonic™ CEO, “Surf ’n’ Suds provides the perfect venue for Wild Tonic’s California debut and a fitting prelude for the whole new class of kombucha, slated for release this fall. Prepare your tastebuds.”

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