Rick Lockett joined Puralytics as CEO

2016 finished strongly for Puralytics, a water purification equipment company with headquarters in Hillsboro, concluding the year with record sales in Q4 and deployments of pallets of SolarBags, a portable water purifier, to Haiti, Peru, Korea, Kenya, Australia, Panama, and El Salvador. Furthermore, in 2017 Puralytics again achieved record shipments in Q1, including a shipment of four pallets of SolarBags to Peru after devastating floods in March.

On the road to worldwide expansion, Puralytics has selected a new CEO with extensive experience in the water industry, Rick Lockett, who has more than 25 years of involvement in drinking water, storm water, waste and process water goods and swimming pool and spa treatment.

“Rick is the leader that Puralytics needs. His expertise in business development, the water industry and his success growing companies will move Puralytics to the next level” said Founder and Board Director Mark Owen.

Under Lockett’s leadership, Puralytics will work on partnering agreements, product development, and OEM supply agreements. “Puralytics photocatalytic core technology provides unique differentiation in the field of water contaminant removal. The range of treatment possible with this technology is what sets it apart. Recent technology breakthroughs have driven cost down and performance up in our core materials, opening access to a wide range of applications. Whether water treatment is at point of use, point of entry or process treatment, our engineered photocatalytic solutions and innovative use of LED’s and sunlight will improve our partner’s performance and competitive position. We intend to integrate the core technology or treatment modules into other products, treatment systems, and solutions from leading industry partners with access to markets, customers and…

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