RedLine Tacoma environmental group won’t go away

While in his recent column Matt Driscoll helpfully observes that effective social movements must do more than protest (“Does RedLine Tacoma, and the city’s anti-fossil fuel movement, have a second act?” TNT, Aug. 5), his description of Tacoma’s growing environmental movement fails to appreciate just how diverse a series of organizations are involved and how positive and collaborative their contributions are.

After watching the Port of Tacoma and Tacoma City Council help Puget Sound Energy build a fracked, liquified natural gas facility, many of us have concluded Tacoma’s history of secretive, corrupt politics controlled by polluting industry never went away.

Regardless of whether any one enviro, political or indigenous group has a “second act,” the larger movement against dirty, dangerous, outdated industry — and for a clean, safe, economically vibrant Tacoma — will thrive.

Though RedLine Tacoma is often used by those in power (Port of Tacoma, City Council, Economic Development Board, Chamber of Commerce, etc.) to identify the local anti-fossil fuel movement, there is a much more robust and transformative groundswell at play.

The visceral community response to the backdoor decisions being made by the Port and City Council…

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