Recovering Data from External Media

To store important electronic information, computer users utilize external media such as NAS, USB, and eSATA. NAS is Network Attached Storage, USB is Universal Serial Bus, and eSATA is External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.

Although these are highly helpful for computer users, it is unavoidable that they would encounter technical problems with these devices which can cause loss of data.

Due to lack of IT expertise, other users resort to hiring a data recovery specialist to retrieve their files. But that could be rather expensive. For a cost-effective solution, one could try installing a data recovery software like that of SoftAmbulance which has File Recovery program and Partition Doctor which both help in retrieving electronic information.

Data recovery softwares specialize in NAS recovery, USB recovery, and eSATA disk recovery.


The popularity of NAS has grown in recent years. This is mainly because with it, people no longer need shelves for CD’s or servers which are managed by administrators. But NAS is also vulnerable to physical failures especially when they are already worn out. The breakdown of NAS can lead to data loss.


USB is also widely used especially by students and professionals. The major advantage is that it is so handy. But the down-side is a USB user can easily misplace it or forget to take it from the pocket of his or her pants or jacket which will be washed along with the other laundry. Before they know it, their USB got wet and their files…

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