Reader feedback Aug. 13: Ford carrier, health care, teaching morality

Carriers and subs

Dennis, Newport News: Just wanted to compliment you on Wednesday’s paper about the planes landing on the Ford for the first time. You can never do enough stories on the aircraft carriers and submarines. Well done, as usual. Keep up the good work.

Editor: Our coverage of the Newport News shipyard has been a mainstay at the paper for years. We do our best to keep up with the stories from the company, which is the largest employer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It’s like a small city inside a city, and we know our readers want as much information as we can give them about the company and its latest developments.

Parks passes

Carol: I liked your story on the seniors pass for the park system. Could you please tell us where in the area we could get the passes?

Editor: Passes can be purchased at any federal recreation site, including national parks like Yorktown Battlefield and Jamestown, or online at

Puzzle book

Jerry, Hampton: About the puzzle book, don’t throw it away. Pass it along so someone will have something to do. That’s what I did with mine.

Editor: Thanks for sharing your suggestion Jerry. Maybe someone will read your comment this Sunday and do just that.


Read the Feedback section of this past Sunday’s paper and saw that Jonathan is leaving for Duke University. He was a great guy. I enjoyed reading all his stories. It wasn’t what he wrote but how he wrote it. You’ve just got a plethora of great photographers and news reporters as well. I had to throw the photographers in because we take them for granted sometimes, as we do all the folks at the Daily Press. Keep up the good work.

Editor: I’m so glad you liked Jonathan’s work, and I know the photographers appreciate your comments as well.

Dave, Denbigh: I have just renewed my subscription to the Daily Press. I haven’t renewed it because you’re the world’s greatest…

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