Racket Sports: Maureen Rasp-Glose defies her age in tennis

Even at the age of 7 Maureen Rasp-Glose possessed outstanding athletic skills, skills that continue to serve her well on the tennis court at the age of 64.

She competed in a baseball league (hard ball!) and football with boys 8-10 years old.

“Even at that early age I was extremely active and loved to win no matter what sport I was playing,” she said.

At St. Aloysius School, Rasp-Glose continued to play sports that mostly boys played. Nuns at the school called her parents saying that they thought playing boys sports wasn’t appropriate and she might get hurt.

Maureen said, “I was a tomboy and proud of it. However, as I got older I noticed that the boys were throwing much harder at me when I played baseball.” She realized she might get hurt and stopped playing football and baseball.

At Cleveland Hill High School, Rasp-Glose took up bicycling and tinkered a little bit with tennis. However, she never played on the high school tennis team. Still, she worked out as much as she could to stay in top physical shape.

When Rasp-Glose attended UB she met a very good squash player. He taught her how to play squash and she defeated him more than he defeated her.

Rasp-Glose moved to Boston after graduating from UB to take a position in the legal profession and take some graduate courses at Boston University. She also played squash sporadically.

Boston is home to the famous marathon and in that setting Rasp-Glose soon became hooked on running. After seeing Heartbreak Hill in Boston she started running more. Over a five-year period she averaged 60 miles a week.

She ran the Boston Marathon three times. The first time she ran as a non-qualifier. The second time she qualified by running the Skyline Marathon in 3 hours and 28 minutes. She also ran Boston a third time without qualifying. Running for the greater Boston Track Club she met such all-time running greats as Bill Rogers and Alberto Salazar.

When she turned 27, Rasp-Glose wanted to run faster and race shorter…

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