Racist rapists handed lower sentences because their victims were WHITE | UK | News

Young, white girls have been brutally raped and sexually abused by extensive gangs of Asian men in towns and cities across Britain – yet when it comes to sentencing – the race aspect has been largely ignored, he claimed.

Now legal experts are calling for British judges to properly defend the girls who are targeted because of their skin colour. 

The claims followed a horrific court case in Newcastle this week which revealed more than 100 white girls, some as young as 13, raped by a gang of Asian males.

The case is just the latest in series of trials in which young and vulnerable white schoolgirls have been sexually attacked by Asian grooming gangs.

Robert Buckland Solicitor General has said racism should always be considered in the type of organised sex attacks which have blighted Britain.

Mr Buckland said sex attacks based on race “cuts all ways” and that the race of those involved should be “front and centre” when it is clear a certain race has been actively targeted – whatever that race may be.

He told the Daily Telegraph the law “does not discriminate” between forms of racism and sentences should be higher for any rapist or sex offender who sought out their victim based on “racial hostility”.

He said: “The law does not discriminate. When it talks about sentencing increases for racial aggravation, it doesn’t cut one way it cuts all ways.

“Where there is a racial element in sexual abuse cases the law is clear that court can apply a sentencing uplift.

“Racial aggravation should be front and centre in cases where there is racial hostility or aggravation.”

Hundreds of underage white girls were raped by the grooming gang in Newcastle Upon Tyne – promoting a huge backlash. One woman and 17 men were convicted this week of a long list of sexual offences.

Communities and politicians are urging the Attorney General to review the sentences of those involved.

Horrendous details from the court case revealed how the men referred to the girls as “white…

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