Q&A: Life lessons from the luxury-brand world

By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

NEW YORK When one of your first jobs involves filing insurance paperwork for pocket change at your dad’s office, it’s easy to see how you would yearn later on for something more glamorous.

Marla Malcolm Beck went for ultra-luxe.

But the early lessons on dollars and cents were valuable, and with the aid of an MBA from Harvard Business School, Beck turned luxury into big business when she founded the high-end beauty retailer Bluemercury in 1998 with her husband Barry.

They now have over 100 stores across the country, as well as a skincare line, M-61.

In 2015, Macy’s purchased the Washington, D.C.-based Bluemercury for $210 million and Beck, 46, remains chief executive.

Beck talked to Reuters about her unusual business path.

Q: What early lessons about money stuck with you?

A: I remember when Izod shirts were hot, my mom…

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