Puerto Rico’s supply chain backlog shows signs of easing

The Puerto Rico supply chain that had been suffering serious logistical issues late last week showed some positive signs of improvement over the weekend as many cargo, storage yard and distribution companies kept their doors open in order to try and alleviate the backlog of emergency supplies like food, medicine, water and construction materials at San Juan’s port.

The shipping companies: Trailer Bridge and Crowley

A steady flow of trucks started arriving at Trailer Bridge’s operations early Saturday morning to pick up containers and bring them to distributors, stores and other clients in Puerto Rico.

However, the cycle and flow of the equipment was becoming a concern. The receiving of empty containers after the full containers are picked up and deliveries are made, has been very slow.

“If we don’t start shipping empties back next week, we won’t be able to pick up cargo from the States and bring the island more goods,” said Jacob Wegrzyn, vice president and general manager of Trailer Bridge Puerto Rico. The last time Trailer Bridge shipped out empty containers was Friday with 160 empties, which is less than normal.

“We need our customers to pick up their containers, and get the empty containers back to us so we can get them back to the States so we can keep the supply chain moving.”

At Crowley, another major shipping company that operates out of the San Juan port, there were approximately 3,500 full containers in its yard, which is still over the normal capacity of 3,200 containers, but there are signs of improvement.

“Flow is slowly picking up,” said Jose…

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