Premier Pools & Spas to Franchise Pool Service Company

Charles Lauller, President of Premier Pool Service

To best protect and maintain the investment all of those homeowners entrusted to us, we can now offer year-round service.

Premier Pools & Spas, the world’s largest swimming pool builder, is beginning to franchise swimming pool service companies nationwide. Premier began as a Sacramento, CA pool construction company in 1988 and grew to dominate the local market.

In 2010, Paul Porter, CEO of Premier Franchise Management, brought the business outside of California and across the nation. Now serving over 50 markets across the country, Porter is looking to expand the brand once again and this time into the service and maintenance side of the industry.

The new franchise, Premier Pool Service, will cover all one’s pool service needs from maintenance and cleaning packages, to equipment diagnostics and repairs. In the areas where a Premier Pools and Spas construction location exists, it will serve as a warranty station for the sister company. Charles Lauller, the President of Premier Pool Service, will manage the company and train franchisees from his office in a suburb of Dallas. Lauller believes there is a latent demand for something like this in the industry. He elaborated on Premier’s unique experience saying, “We have the ability to take the last 7 years of learning the franchise business, and the last 3 decades of successfully growing companies in the construction business, and apply all of that to the Pool Service side.”

To date more than 60,000 people have trusted Premier to create the backyard of their dreams. With thousands of happy customers across the nation and incredible success in creating a scalable pool construction business, it is the…

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