Poort Technologies Integrates HomePod with the iPad as a Formidable Smart Home “Battery”

Poort Technologies has released an 9.7″ iPad enclosure that promises to marry Apple’s forthcoming HomePod smart speaker with hundreds of millions of legacy iPads, a tandem sure to cause concern among home automation competitors. A Poort enclosure mounts an iPad above a counter top, and connects to HomePods within range.

At its manufacturing release this month, Poort CEO Dwight Jones asked in a press conference if an iPad Poort partnered with the HomePod didn’t form a more congruent partnership than any of the growing number of smart home contenders.

“I warmly welcome the HomePod as a future partner for millions of legacy iPad Poorts. They will form a best-of-breed team – whether for broad versatility, their app portfolio or just great sound engineering. It’s about time for the smart home conveners to invite iPads – the Lost Legions of home automation are coming to the party.”

Jones described the Poort contribution: “Consider an older iPad Air mounted with a $70 Poort kit over your kitchen counter. Just say “Hey Siri, open YouTube, chicken recipes” and there they are – with video instructions for each dish. What can a solitary speaker offer you – a voice synopsis?”

“Poorts do not claim counter space, do hide the cables, are always charged and pack an unbeatable punch with that iPad aboard. They’re even portable, often recycled and run on 5V/10Watts – ideal solar scale. A HomePod complemented by an iPad Poort appliance – like a baseball pitcher/catcher battery – together are a network backbone that kitchen automation has sought for decades.”

But Poort isn’t closing the door on Android in favor of Apple – the Poort 9.7 kit also fits the flagship Samsung S3 9.7″ tablets.

“Android brings multitasking, business apps and voice messaging. Being able to call or message a home instead of a personal…

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