Police swoop on pro-cannabis rally in London’s Hyde Park

Police arrested just 12 people at a pro-cannabis rally in London’s Hyde Park, which was attended by thousands. 

The London 420 Rally is part of a ‘global celebration’ of cannabis which sees weed enthusiasts risk arrest as they gather to smoke weed while calling on the Government to declassify the Class B drug.

Possession of cannabis currently carries a maximum of five years imprisonment and an unlimited fine but many police forces no longer routinely arrest smokers. 

Thousands of cannabis users descended on Hyde Park for the 420 Pro Cannabis rally, which is held every year on 20 April. The rally is calling on the Government to declassify the Class B drug

Pictured, a marijuana smoker lies on a blanket and enjoys the good weather at the central London protest. The picnic is being held around Speakers Corner, where people go to make speeches and engage in debate 

Twitter users criticised the police for letting the rally in the first place. Derek Goddard wrote: ‘Are you letting them smoke it? It absolutely stinks of dope in Park Lane’

Another user tweeted the Met police asking why the gathering was allowed in the first place

The picnic – held every year on or around 20 April – is today being held near Speaker’s Corner, a green area which is hugely popular with families, dog walkers and tourists.

But the police have been criticised for turning a blind eye to the use of cannabis in the park. 

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Are you letting them smoke it? It absolutely stinks of dope in Park Lane’.

While another said: ‘How a gathering like this is allowed is beyond me’. 

After the rally ended at around 5pm, cannabis users flocked to the nearest fast food shops to satisfy their cravings. One Twitter user wrote: ‘This is hilarious’

Another Twitter user said there was a queue of protesters outside a McDonald’s branch waiting to get food

Another branded the aftermath of the rally ‘absolute chaos’. She wrote: ‘Every corner shop has huge queues for snaks and even the sniffer dogs are looking confused’

When the protest ended at around 5pm, the cannabis users flocked to fast food joints nearby to satisfy their cravings. 

One woman wrote on Twitter: ‘All the takeaways near Hyde Park are rammed with stoned people, this is hilarious.’

Pubs were also capitalising on the event earlier today.

One tweeted: ‘Been at Hyde Park today? We’re serving food until 9pm #420.’

But one Twitter user was upset by the way the protesters had left the park and complained that they had not cleaned up after themselves when they left Hyde Park

Thousands of cannabis fans have flocked to Hyde Park to protest over drug laws. The Class B drug…

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