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Proposed General Assembly redistricting plans could pit state Sen. Joyce Krawiec of Forsyth County against a fellow Republican in Davie County, and switch the Lewisville area from a House district that includes Davie County to one that takes in all of Yadkin County.

At present, Forsyth County has a central Senate district held by Democrat Paul Lowe and a largely suburban district that, paired with all of Yadkin County, is held by Republican Krawiec.

Under the new plan, the largely suburban area of Forsyth, modified from the present version, would be paired with Davie County in a new District 31. Davie was formerly represented by Andrew Brock, who resigned in June. Republicans in the district later voted to name Davie County Commissioner Dan Barrett to the seat.

Lowe’s district would be called District 29 and take in central Forsyth County.

Krawiec said Sunday night she plans to run for the seat, but wishes it was not against Barrett.

“Dan Barrett and I are great friends,” she said. “I have always supported him and he has supported me. He is not one that I would choose to run against. We will do what we need to so. I hate to lose Yadkin County. I love my folks in Yadkin County.”

Barrett could not be reached Sunday night.

Republican lawmakers developed new House and Senate plans in response to federal court rulings that said the current lines overemphasized race. The plans have not been finalized and could undergo additional changes.

In the new plans, district lines in Forsyth County do not cross precinct lines, as they often do now.

The four members of the N.C. House who live in Forsyth County would have districts that cover roughly the same areas as at present. Still, some precincts are shifted between districts, and the absence of split precincts also influences district shape.

The new map would also change the…

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