Pink Called Herself A Helicopter Mom In This Instagram Video, & The Internet Is Loving It

To be a parent, you have to have a sense of humor. How else do you get through all of the diapers, tantrums, or playdates? And there’s no doubt that Pink has a sense of humor when it comes to her kids. This weekend, for example, Pink called herself a helicopter mom in a video on Instagram and people are totally loving it. In the video, Pink is riding a motorcycle with her husband Carey Hart as she waves to the camera and blows a kiss — literally, nothing too spectacular happens. But she captioned it, “These are the videos I send to my daughter while I’m out with papa. Even when I’m on a motorcycle I’m still a helicopter.”  

Hey, you have to check in, right? Then something crazy happened on social media. Instead of lecturing Pink about using a cell phone while riding or critiquing her protective wear, the internet was actually nice to her and could not be more on board with her self-described parenting style. Amazing, right? One follower wrote, “I don’t think you’re a helicopter, Willow seems to enjoy her [independence] too much for that, you’re just a loving mom who includes her kids in all aspects of life.”

Another person added, “From a veteran helicopter mamma-you do what you feels is right!!! My teens [love] you ever since they saw your VH1 behind the scenes when they were little!! Keep up the PHENOMENAL job!!”

It didn’t stop there, with another follower writing:

“You are one hell of a mother!!! DON’T ever forget it,” another fan gushed.

Whoa… when did Instagram becomes a safe space for celeb moms? It’s pretty rare that people didn’t just revert to straight up judgement.

Pink seems to have such a nice family life, right? Willow, Pink and Hart’s oldest child is 6 years old…

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