Perez takes college gig after saying DNC chair post should be ‘full time job’

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is taking a part-time, Ivy League teaching gig, after saying earlier this year that the chairmanship should be a “full time job.”

Perez made the comment in late 2016 when he joined the competition for the DNC post against Ralph Ellison, a full-time Minnesota Democratic congressman, and while Perez was still pondering a 2018 run for Maryland governor.

He also reportedly said at the time that the party needs to have “someone committed here for the long haul.”

Washington Republicans pounced on the announcement Thursday that Perez would be a senior fellow at  his alma mater, Brown University.

“The DNC can’t raise money, their ‘Better Deal’ slogan flopped, the Unity Tours were a disaster — and Tom Perez thinks it’s a good time for a side gig?” the Republican National Committee asked.  

Perez, labor secretary under President Obama, will lead a study group called “Governance and Leadership in Challenging Times.”

Perez’s academic duties at the school’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs also will include keeping office hours, holding informal lunches and assigning suggested readings.

Brown declined to comment Saturday on whether Perez is being paid for the…

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