PC culture is tossing out classic American novels and other comments

Transit expert: Why It Pays To Stop Fare-Beaters

Neither Mayor de Blasio nor officials at the MTA were given a heads-up on Manhattan DA Cy Vance’s decision to stop prosecuting subway fare-beaters. But City Journal’s Nicole Gelinas maintains they’re both “right to oppose the poorly thought out and poorly explained change of policy.” Because “deterring people from stealing from the MTA keeps mass transit safe.” Moreover, “Vance appears to be peddling a solution without a problem,” since “most fare beaters already avoid arrest,” getting civil violations instead. Yet even “the threat of prosecution serves as a credible deterrent to repeat offenders and even to would-be first offenders.” Plus, Vance’s “insinuation that some poor people can’t help but be chronic thieves is an insult to the far greater number of poor people who pay their fares.”

Iconoclast: Anti-Trumpism Has Gone Too Far

David Frum at The Atlantic laments the “social-media rage-spasm” surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions “for merely referencing the “incontrovertible and familiar fact” that there is such a thing as an “Anglo-American legal tradition.” Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Ha.) even accused him of using an “appalling” and presumably racist “dog whistle.” But Frum sees in this an over-reaction by the anti-Trump “recoil”: Taking offense at mention of the Anglo-American legal heritage is “absurd” but relatively benign. Yet the worst may lie ahead: “Many Democrats are speaking as if immigration enforcement is inherently immoral, as if every Trump voter is a deplorable racist, as if the proper response to Trump’s ethnic chauvinism is an equal and opposite counter-chauvinism.”

From the right: Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Why, asks Commentary’s Sohrab Ahmari, are the news media ignoring a “major political scandal” involving “an anti-American government, a prominent member of Congress and a far-right group that traffics in…

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