Parks and Recreation ‘Jerry’s Retirement’ Review

This was a very funny episode of the show. It was themed around Jerry who was retiring. It was practically his last day at the office but no one knew that he was going away for good. Leslie on her part decided to start the crusade of making sure that all of Jerry’s unfulfilled dreams came true.

Jerry has a unique place within City Hall’s Parks Department and the big question of who will be replacing him i.e. becoming the new Jerry became a quite theme. At some point, it looked like the scepter was going to fall on Tom and he was having none of it. Jerry is the person that everyone picks on and his last day at the office made him out of reach because Leslie and Ben had brought him under their wings.

The rest of the guys immediately started looking for the next person they can all begin to pick on and all it took was a typical Jerry-lie move or two from Tom to make them settle for him. They then spent the rest of the day teasing him to death and to the point of frustration. If nothing else he got to know how Jerry really felt.

Tom in desperation started looking for someone that could take that tag off him. He zeroed in on the new intern and tried to pin the Jerry tag on him but the guy turned out to be someone everyone genuinely liked. He was cool and Donna was especially taken to him. It did not take long afterwards for Tom to accept his fate that he was now the new Jerry in the office.

Meanwhile, Leslie’s quest to make all of Jerry’s professional dream come true…

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