Oxford college is to appoint 'class liberation officer' to protect working class students

Working class students at an Oxford University college are to get a ‘class liberation officer’ to protect them from bullying and patronising comments. 

Last week students at St Hilda’s College voted to create the new post, backing a motion that said working class students suffered from ‘microaggressions and classism at university’ and needed more support.

St Hilda’s was founded in 1893 as an all-women’s college but started allowing men in 2007. 

Students at St Hilda’s College (pictured) are to appoint a ‘class liberation officer’

Among St Hilda’s better known alumni are TV presenter Bettany Hughes (pictured) 

‘Insults such as “chav”, chav-themed social nights and questions such as “why are you wearing Primark?” can make poor students feel upset and worthless,’ one student was reported as complaining in The Times.

St Hilda’s alumni include TV…

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