Ostendio Joins Intel’s Security Readiness Program

“The Intel Security Readiness Program, a global open industry collaboration in which Ostendio is a key partner, has measured cybercrime hacking and ransomware as top concerns,” said David Houlding, Director, Healthcare Privacy & Security at Intel.

Ostendio, a leading cybersecurity and risk management software provider, announced that they are partnering with Intel’s Healthcare Security Readiness Program. The program aims to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks against health and life science organizations.

“Ostendio was founded to safeguard healthcare privacy and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations,” explains Ostendio CEO and Founder Grant Elliott. “With the continual and dramatic rise of cyber-attacks against the healthcare industry, organizations are understandably concerned about their vulnerability and exposure to cybercrime. This partnership with Intel allows us to work with companies who are concerned about their breach security programs, and design an actionable plan to mitigate these risks.”

Healthcare organizations are key targets for cybercriminals as they store large amounts of valuable data – from social security numbers to addresses. As an industry, there is an urgent need for collaboration to…

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