Orthopedic and Back Pain Centers of America Announces the Addition of a New Network Member, The Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute

Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute

Orthobiologics is a growing subspecialty field, and we recognize the importance of having qualified medical personnel treat our patients. Dr. Buford and the Institute are the ideal fit for us.

Orthopedic and Back Pain Centers of America (OBPC), which connects people searching for solutions to their joint, neck and back pain with a reputable physician in their area, announces the addition of Dallas PRP and Stem Cell Institute to its orthopedic network. The Institute was founded by board certified orthopedic surgeons to provide the full range of nonsurgical and surgical options to patients with orthopedic conditions. The Institute specializes in state of the art nonsurgical orthobiologic injections for conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and sports injuries.

PRP in the name of the Institute stands for platelet-rich-plasma. PRP comes from the patient’s own blood and harnesses the body’s own healing potential to decrease pain and stimulate healing where it is injected. Stem cell therapies are used to help regenerate and heal tissues and to treat degenerative conditions. In a fifteen-minute office procedure under local anesthesia, the surgeon takes bone marrow from the patient’s iliac crest and then injects the stem cells via ultrasound guidance into the joint or site of injury being treated.

“We know there are a lot of patients with painful, arthritic joints for whom joint replacement is not an option because of their age or other medical conditions,” said founder, Don Buford, MD. “We often are able to decrease pain for these patients in a safe procedure using their own blood or stem cells from their own bone marrow. For many patients, the pain is decreased so much that surgery…

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