Organizations that Support Individuals with Autism will be Featured on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

While Rob Lowe might be best known today for his numerous film and television roles and hilarious commercials that run regularly, he has been using his fame and celebrity status to draw attention to key issues facing communities across the country today. “Informed” with Rob Lowe seeks to do just that. The public television series runs episodes that focus on key issues that the public should be aware of. One of the most recent episodes focuses on autism and the organizations that help to support individuals and families living with Autism.

Autism has spent a significant amount of time in the public spotlight for a myriad of controversial reasons; however, it remains a pressing issue for individuals and families. For those who are unaware, autism is a behavioral, social, and developmental disorder that can encompass a wide range of severity. People with autism can have issues learning and interacting with others, in some cases. There are numerous organizations that have been founded in recent years to help patients and families struggling with autism, or as support organizations to encourage progress. They are the focus of this episode of “Informed” with Rob Lowe due to their invaluable work with these families.

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