Oracle Injecting Most Cloud Applications with Artificial Intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO–Like a lot of IT product and service providers, Oracle is all in for the idea of making artificial intelligence available wherever possible.

Unlike a lot of IT product and service providers, the world’s largest and most successful database provider actually has the deep pockets and wherewithal to pull this off. Only a handful of others—Google, Facebook, IBM, Dell EMC, Intel, Samsung, Apple and HPE come to mind—also can afford to embed such a futuristic feature in far-flung places.

With this in mind, Oracle on Oct. 2 at its annual OpenWorld conference at Moscone Center revealed new artificial intelligence-based apps for a phalanx of business applications. The new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps are built into the existing Oracle Cloud Applications in order to provide useful AI-based modern business applications.

“The AI Oracle is embedding not only goes across finance, HR, recruiting, supply chains, commerce and marketing applications but also for salespeople and service apps—chatbots for automated answers, for example. So a broad range of capabilities will be demonstrated (at OpenWorld),” Jack Berkowitz, Oracle Vice-President of Products and Data Science for Adaptive Intelligence, told eWEEK.

“We’ll also be showing how to actively interpret business data to set the context for the decisions that we’re recommending for people.”

‘Connected Intelligence’ Will become a Key Topic

Oracle also will be talking about the notion of “connected intelligence” with the advent of all this new IT, Berkowitz said.

“So this is not just a set of pinpoint capabilities that you as a salesperson might interact with, but it’s a coordinated outcome across either the touchpoints of a consumer or of a business, or for the employees,” Berkowitz said.

The new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps are available within Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management…

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