O.J. Simpson: What’s next following prison release?

O.J. Simpson was released on parole from a Nevada prison early Sunday after serving nine years on armed robbery charges. But his acquittal in a dramatic 1995 murder trial still provokes strong feelings among Americans.

With the country once again divided over issues of race amid a national uproar over football players, patriotism and free speech, CBS News special correspondent James Brown and “48 Hours” retrace the events that led Simpson to this moment: from his landmark murder trial – where he was found not guilty in the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, to how that verdict continues to influence race relations. “O.J. Simpson:  Endgame” also focuses on what role domestic violence played in the murder trial and how the case impacted the careers of those involved.

On June 17, 1994, a white Ford Bronco, driven by Al Cowlings carrying O.J. Simpson, is trailed by Los Angeles police cars as it travels on a freeway in Los Angeles.

AP Photo/Joseph Villarin

For 90 minutes on June 17, 1994, nearly 100 million people were transfixed by a white Ford Bronco cruising down a Los Angeles Freeway.

Operator: 911. What are you reporting?

Al Cowlings: This is A.C. I have O.J. in the car.

F. LEE BAILEY | O.J. SIMPSON DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I watched the whole thing, helicopters, cameras on bridges.

Al Cowlings to 911: Right now we’re all – we’re OK, but you gotta tell the police to just back off. He’s still alive, but he’s got a gun to his head.

Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson, the football hero suspected of killing his ex-wife Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman, was a fugitive with a death wish.  

TOM LANGE | RETIRED LAPD DETECTIVE: I call. He picks up and I said, “O.J., this is Lange…”

Tom Lange call to Simpson in Bronco:  Everybody loves you, don’t do this.

O.J. Simpson: Ohhh…

TOM LANGE: My only concern is to get him to put the gun down.

O.J. Simpson:  I’m…

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