NZ Post to silence audio recordings on delivery vehicles, which union says were made in secret

Kavinda Herath / Fairfax NZ

NZ Post are introducing electric vehicles for their posties in Invercargill.

NZ Post will stop recording audio of people chatting to their postie at the letterbox.

The continuous audio recordings allowed for eavesdropping and had amounted to a “serious breach of the privacy”, the Postal Workers Union says.

NZ Post’s new delivery vehicle fleet – four wheel electric Paxsters – have high-resolution, forward-facing cameras with GPS.


NZ Post’s Paxter electric vehicle.

NZ Post had said the camera would be used to record incidents or accidents, but made no mention of audio recordings, union spokesman John Maynard said.

New Zealand Post plans to roll-out electric delivery buggies in Marlborough
*  NZ Post mails legal demand to union over safety claims
NZ Post introduces ‘Paxster’ postal buggies to Auckland – starting with the North Shore

There are currently 170 Paxster vehicles in use across the country with more due to be rolled out.

The union said the continuous audio recordings were not necessary for the safety and security of postal workers and breached privacy of members of the public.

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