Nissan highlights how coating on wheel and seats can signal dehydration

(Tech Xplore)—Drink before you drive.

That is not macabre advice from a nightclub bouncer wishing you a horrific journey home.

That is genuine advice from Nissan but the drink they are talking about is water.

The company has highlighted the “dangers of driver dehydration” in a video posted late last month. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness of the impact of driving while dehydrated.

They emphasized that dehydration can adversely impact . They delivered some supporting statements.

Dehydrated drivers make a number of mistakes on the road— equivalent to being over the drink-drive limit.

Symptoms include dizziness, tiredness, dry mouth, slower reaction times.

While there is relatively little research on safe hydration levels for drivers and the role of drinking water to maintain concentration, a 2015 hydration study reported mistakes made including late-braking, drifting within a lane and even crossing lane lines.

“A 2015 study funded by the European Hydration Institute and carried out by Loughborough University, UK, discovered that: “Drivers who had consumed only a sip of water (25ml) per hour made more than double the number of mistakes on the road than those who were properly hydrated. The number of errors was equivalent to those displayed by people with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% – the current UK drink-drive limit.

Said the 2015 university press release: “Researchers at Loughborough University carried out a range of tests over two days on male drivers, using a laboratory-based driving simulator. During the normal hydration test there were 47 driving incidents, but when the men were dehydrated that number more than doubled to 101 – a similar number to what might be expected of someone driving…

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