Nintendo Switch’s Operating System Hides A Cute Audio Easter Egg

Anybody who’s purchased a Nintendo system sometime within the past 15 years or so knows the company likes to have fun with its UI. While they may seem merely utilitarian at first glance, Nintendo’s operating systems often hide cute little characters, sly references to classic games, and quirky Easter eggs. Remember how you could hold down the Z button to hear different sound effects during the Gamecube’s intro? Or what about the secret game you could unlock by tapping out the Super Mario Bros. theme on a New Nintendo 3DS screen? The Nintendo Switch’s UI is more streamlined than what we’ve come to expect from the company, but thankfully, it still features some amusing oddities.

The folks at Nintendo Life discovered a fun audio Easter egg you can play around with when waking your system up from Sleep Mode. To wake up the system, you’re instructed to push the A button three times, but if you push other buttons, you’ll get different sound effects. Note: Since you can’t put the Switch to sleep while it’s in its dock, this only works while the system is in portable mode. It’s a small thing, but it’s nice to know Nintendo’s UI designers still have a sense of humor. You can check out video of the Easter egg up above.

Another dash of personality comes courtesy of the Switch’s unofficial mascot, Amelia. This spunky lady shows up in Switch’s “News” section, where all the updates are, apparently, written by her. Nintendo fans tend to latch onto…

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