NFL Players Continue Peaceful Protests In Defiance Of Trump

NFL players across the country on Sunday continued peaceful demonstrations, kneeling or locking arms in defiance of President Donald Trump’s repeated calls on team owners and fans to crack down on athletes protesting during the national anthem. 

But following a week of heated public debate about the protests fueled by none other than the president himself, the movement seems to be losing momentum among some teams.

Demonstrations on Sunday appeared to be primarily aimed at displaying solidarity between football players, owners and fans, and defending athletes’ right to free speech, rather than explicitly drawing attention to racial injustice and police brutality in the United States ― the initial goal of the protest movement. 

Here is a list of players and teams who demonstrated during Sunday’s games to kick off the fourth week of the regular season: 


Three Miami Dolphins players knelt during the national anthem, in contrast to last weekend’s game against the New York Jets, when the entire Dolphins team stood with arms locked together. 

The entire New Orleans Saints team stood on Sunday. Last weekend, nearly a dozen Saints players remained seated on a bench during the anthem.  


Both the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers stood for the anthem.

Last weekend, 17 Patriots players opted to take a knee. All but one of the Panthers’ players stood during the anthem. Defensive end Julius Peppers opted to stay off the field.


The New York Jets stood with arms locked during the anthem. Joining them was team owner Christopher Johnson.

Several players were seen kneeling on the field before the anthem played.

The Jacksonville Jaguars took a knee as a team before the anthem played. In a statement released before the game, the team said they would kneel in prayer “for change, progress and equality for everyone who calls the United States their homes.”

Once the anthem played, they stood with…

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