New Tracking Device Assures Healthcare Companies May Never Lose Medical Equipment Again

With VirtuTrack we are now able to reduce our capital expense while still providing great service to our patients!

VirtuOx,, a Home Respiratory Diagnostic provider announces today a new product VirtuTrack for healthcare companies.

VirtuTrack is an innovative device that tracks medical equipment in the patient’s home that they rent or lease from Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers. The tracking device attaches to medical equipment and automatically sends data daily to VirtuOx. In turn, VirtuOx can see if the medical equipment is turned on and if it is plugged into an electric outlet.

DMEs have a recurring problem with patients not using and/or losing the equipment they rent or lease. This can cause poor health outcomes in patients. Plus, it can generate huge financial losses for DMEs.

Kyle Miko, Founder and COO for VirtuOx and licensed respiratory therapist says “With VirtuTrack you will be able to monitor patient compliance to any medical device which can improve health outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions and eliminate risk of losing equipment.”

VirtuTrack’s real time notifications enables DMEs to monitor unused high-cost equipment such as noninvasive ventilators and negative pressure wound therapy and immediately call patients to re-educate them on its proper use. The device will also allow DMEs to replace oxygen transfilling systems with more cost-effective gas portability systems for patients who do not require and/or use higher-cost equipment.

VirtuTrack can also tell DMEs when the equipment is lost. The device will ping the VirtuTrack portal every hour with its location. This benefit can save DMEs tens of thousands of dollars each year from not having to buy new equipment to add to the…

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