New Ridgid Cable Cutters Feature Better Ergonomics

Earlier this month, Ridgid introduced their new line cable cutters for electrical contracting applications. The new Ridgid cable cutters feature a lightweight design with improved ergonomics, making manual cutting a breeze. This new line of tools includes three ratcheting cutters, as well as two manual leverage cutters.

From Ridgid

“The tools were intentionally built with the highest quality blades for cutting ease and to minimize contractor fatigue when cutting cable. Ridgid is continuing its tradition of creating tools with the contractor in mind and our new line of cable cutters is no exception.”

-Gina Hartman, Ridgid Global Marketing Manager


Ridgid Manual Ratchet Action Cutters

These new Ridgid cable cutters employ a ratcheting mechanism to provide easier cutting with less user fatigue. Two of the ratcheting models, the RC-40 and the RC-55, feature a compact design suitable for single handed use, while the RC-70, designed to tackle larger cables, features long, ergonomic handles.

All three of these models feature a pawl release to allow the blade to disengage at any point during the cutting cycle. A locking mechanism keeps these tools secure when not being used. Additionally, Ridgid enclosed the spring within the tool in order to protect it from job site dirt and debris. The high-coated steel blades on the new Ridgid cable cutters have been specially curved and surface-grinded to extend the durability. In addition, the handles on these new cutters feature an ergonomic, impact resistant design.

The ratcheting cutters range in weight from 1.5 lbs – 6.4 lbs, and a maximum copper cutting capacity ranging from 600 MCM to 1,000 MCM. The maximum aluminum cutting capacity ranges from 750 MCM to 1,000 MCM.

Ridgid Manual Leverage Cutters

The Ridgid manual leverage cutters range in weight from 1.5 lbs. to 3.3 lbs. Both have a maximum capacity for aluminum and copper ranging from 500 MCM to 1,000 MCM. Like their ratcheting…

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