New Plays In Artificial Intelligence

It’s been nearly a year since I published my first Special Report on artificial intelligence and urged readers to buy the processor maker NVIDIA (NVDA) at $68.80.

Now that the stock has tripled, readers are understandably asking me for my second act in the sector.

The good news is that I have one.

For a start, you could go out and buy NVIDIA again.

With an explosive 50% annual earnings growth, a near monopoly in super fast processors, and a huge lead over the competition, I think there is another double in the shares that could take the price up to a stratospheric $300.

But I can do better than that.

And some people like me have a natural aversion to buying the shares of companies that have just tripled.

The good news if you are new to this sector is that the entire AI space started to broaden out in July and now offer a host of investment opportunities beyond the tiny handful I mentioned in 2016.

These include legacy chipmakers, survivors of the great Dotcom bust, whose shares have barely moved in years.

The train hasn’t left the station yet, but it IS gathering up a head of steam.

Yes, there is such a thing as a cheap AI stock. To find out who they are read on.

The reason for the expansion of the AI sector is that practically overnight these ultra sophisticated algorithms have become essential to any company that wants to survive in online commerce, or stay in business….period.

Those of us who have been in this business for more than 15 minutes have seen this pattern before, and the resulting impact on share prices: the Boeing 707, the personal computer, Windows, the Internet, and the smart cell phone.

AI is everywhere.

In the old days, visiting a website and window-shopping their products was easy. You just clicked around a few times and then moved on to the next site.

Now if you click on a product once that site will follow you around for months, appear in the margins of your emails, offering you endless discounts and special deals.

I bought a Dell computer six…

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