New Israeli elites, same piggish capitalism – Opinion – Israel News

The religious-Zionist leadership is today spearheading the suppression of any social protest. In the past it was an important partner in building the welfare state, but it has grown corpulent and tired. The huge budgets for the settlements and the coalition perks that continuously expanded have changed its nature. For years the rabbis, politicians and public opinion makers of religious Zionism have been devoted to the right’s flagship project: crushing the welfare state. Now it is recording an especially sad chapter as the source of the most venomous voices against the disabled, against the gas struggle, against the anti-corruption battle. They’ve gotten fat and arrogant.

There are among them those who cynically and consciously oppose any social struggle, simply to preserve their status and privileges. And there are those who have been made unresponsive by all the budgets and power; they avert their eyes and think that everyone is in the same situation and everything here is wonderful.

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