New Interactive Technology for African American Businesses

BlackTradeLines – African American Business Network

Creating a company directory structure has been simplified by assigning extensions like Press one for Customer Service …

BlackTradeLines, an economic development company focused on the black community has released an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tool for all its business directory members. Available now, the company’s communication tools give black owned businesses the ability to run their business and organizations more efficiently, increasing client growth and revenue potential.

The company understands that most Black Owned Businesses and organizations continue to operate without business phone numbers, which increases the risk for loss of potential clients, response to missed calls in a timely manner, loss in customer feedback, and delayed access to company personnel, resulting to decline in sales.

The IVR system allows clients to easily interact with a company in a dynamic way via telephone touch keypad or speech recognition.

Provided as a communication tool for each user, the IVR system serves as a way to setup company or organizational virtual directories that give back to black business owners and it grants professionals the ability to structure their organizations instead of operating using personal cell phones with ring tones.

“Creating a company directory structure has been simplified by assigning extensions such as Press one for Customer Service, Press two for Sales, Press three for Marketing and Advertising to each different phone keys and saving the settings.”, says Evans John, Senior Application Developer at BlackTradeLines.

“When customers call, not only will they be given various options directing them towards their specific need, but also…

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