New Group for Serious Business Women that Believe Mediocrity is Not an Option

Step up and conquer your industry or get out of our way because we are here to dominate the business arena ~ Frederick business women. Future Thinking Consulting has a new program starting January 2018 for serious business women who want that edge over their competition. The group is called MY Future Thinking and consists of 24 monthly strategic trainings that are based on proven business procedures + hardcore peer advisory sessions that benefit the member through expertise from their colleagues + confidential 1-12 hour individual coaching meetings to support the participant in their personal goal attaining. This is the first group of its kind in MD and Catherine Barton, PhD (C) anticipates full capacity (9 members max) groups all around the state by offering an economical monthly introductory fee if registered before Dec 15th.

Main purpose of the group is to grow your business and/or career. What the group is NOT: a religious group, a networking event, affiliated or promoter of any political party and we are not male bashers. Each person will work towards goals individually and with the team. We want to generate extreme upsurge of our careers.

Strategic Trainings:

1.    Positive Attitudes – Aligning your Mindset

2.    Truly Knowing Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses

3.    Developing Morning/Evening/Daily Rituals – Create Habits that Grow Your Business

4.    Resilience

5.    Health and Business – Physical and Mental

6.    Understanding Your Personality Type and How to Use it Effectively

7.    Building and Rebuilding Your Business Plan – Being Rigid and Flexible

8.    Conquering Time Management

9.    Be BOLD! Embrace Your Bad Ass

10.    Leadership – Influencing Others Successfully…

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