New Force Field™ Defeats Children’s Fear of The Dark

Kids Wearing Their Force Fields Turning Fear In The Dark Into Fun In The Dark.

“Force Fields Are Not Just A Fun Product, They Are A Solution”

Children’s fear of the dark finally defeated with New Force Field™.

Within one week of its month-long Kickstarter campaign, the Glow Company of Minneapolis, MN reached its sales goal of $25,000, as the company officially began accepting pre-orders for its Force Field™ Glow-in-the-Dark Cloaks. At you can watch an informational product video and have the opportunity to pre-order, at a discount, the very first Force Field™ Cloaks for Christmas delivery. Supply is limited and will not be sold elsewhere this year.

Parents have long struggled with how to handle their child’s fear of the dark, and simply telling them that monsters don’t live under the bed tends to fall on deaf ears. Parents around the world rejoice; there is an end in sight! Finally, something that works based on how children think. Terry Sachetti, inventor and CEO of The Glow Company, has revolutionized the approach of dealing with children’s fear of the dark with a product that is undoubtedly the best solution since the invention of the nightlight. When testing this product, the first thing children said when the lights went out is “WOW!” quickly followed by “I want one!”

Just like most children, Sachetti remembers his own nighttime fears when he was young, “My imagination would get the best of me. I feared that someone or something would grab my foot as it poked out from under the covers. When that happened, I would put my foot back under my blanket where I knew I was safe. It seemed nothing could get me under my blanket. Sound familiar?”

“That’s when I had…

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