New Administration Has Liberals Prepping For “Trumpocalypse”

“The fastest growing segment of new buyers is coming from the political left and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down,” says Survival Frog’s CEO Byron Walker.

Survival Frog, the world’s most visited and top-selling online survival store, recently found themselves serving a new market. They’ve been helping Hillary supporters prepare for Donald Trump’s presidency.

Prepping, an activity long associated with hyper-conservatism and popularized by the National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers,” is a newfound interest for the left.

Articles published by The BBC, Reddit, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, Buzz Feed, and more, have documented an increasing number of liberals buying survival gear, weapons, and emergency supplies, to prepare for the next four years. The President has already rounded up undocumented workers and denied refugees entry into our country, ignored global warming with his administrative picks, and could incite nuclear war.

Tensions are particularly high as Trump’s cabinet picks have firmly cemented the tone of his Presidency. As citizens seek to prepare for the anticipated Trumpocalypse, companies such as are seeing a spike in purchases from new customers. “The fastest growing segment of…

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