MyHeritage DNA Challenges Traditional Notion Of Race 04/21/2017

MyHeritage DNA is challenging the
idea of checking that one little box to define one’s race. 

A campaign created by WPP’s Berlin Cameron includes a video featuring rapper and spoken word artist Prince Ea.

“After seeing his videos that tackle social
conversations ranging from the environment to education and race itself, we were convinced he was the right person to amplify the message,” said Jennifer DaSilva, president of Berlin

There is a level of anxiety and tension today around the subject of cultural and racial identity, she says. “During these conversations, we thought, can DNA testing help to
create greater personal awareness and social understanding?” she asks. “It wasn’t about using a ‘celebrity’ or ‘co-opting’ a cultural moment.  It
was about finding an authentic voice who could speak credibly and passionately to the issue.”



Prince Ea was given creative license to articulate this issue in his own words and not as
“advertising copy.” He wrote the monologue himself and the agency created a platform for him to share his very personal experiences, including racism itself.

“A pivotal point
in the monologue is Prince Ea’s idea that ‘Racism is very real, but race is a figment of our collective imagination,’” DaSilva says. “This became the essence of the
MyHeritage DNA message and we believe sharing this message with as many people as possible has the potential to create a genuine connection between commerce and societal challenges that is
genuine, passionate and, most importantly, authentic.”

The video launched Thursday via social media and within hours was trending on YouTube.  Traditional media will begin on Sunday with the :60 version on channels like Bravo, ESPN, Discover Channel, TRU TV and Viceland. Prince Ea will host a Facebook
Live event in a few weeks to unveil the long-form video to his followers. 

MyHeritage was already a leading international family history company, says Aaron Godfrey, VP Marketing,
MyHeritage. Adding the DNA test last year was a “natural extension of our brand as it helps people to discover even more about themselves and their heritage.” 

“As an
online influencer, Prince Ea continuously challenges his audience about the way we think about heritage and our own roles in society,” Godfrey tells Marketing Daily. “The
partnership with Prince Ea was, therefore, a natural and complementary fit for both MyHeritage and Prince Ea to help others to make that meaningful journey into their past.”

The company is
partnering with Prince Ea across his channels as well as with key media who are interested in hearing about his ethnicity results taken through MyHeritage DNA. 

“Separate to this,
we are also working with TV presenters, online influencers and industry experts who are interested in learning more about themselves through DNA,” Godfrey says. “From reality TV shows on
E!, to expert genealogists, to appearances on Fox &…

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