My Hero Academia Episode 32: “Everyone’s Internships” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

After blazing through Stain’s arc, My Hero Academia slowed down the pace last week to pick up the pieces left in the Hero Killer’s wake. This week, the show takes a detour from the main plot altogether, as “Everyone’s Internships” delivers a fun, albeit inconsequential window into the internships of Deku’s peers.

Of all the internships touched on in the episode, Bakugo’s is easily my favorite. His facial expressions perfectly convey just how out of his element he really is. I especially enjoyed the callback to Season 1’s slime monster attack, which delivers a quite a blow to Bakugo’s pride and causes his nicely groomed hair to burst back into its usual spiky position. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the stark and often humorous contrast between him and Best Jeanist.

Bakugo clearly out of his element as he interns with Best Jeanist

Tsuyu Asui (aka Froppy) is unquestionably the star of this anime-original episode, as her internship dominates the latter half of “Everyone’s Internships.” While I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more of Bakugo and Best Jeanist, as well as some of the other students, I think it was ultimately the right call to just briefly touch on several of the students before honing in on a single character for the remainder of the episode, given its 24-minute runtime.

Like Deku, Todoroki, Urararaka and so many other students of U.A. High, Tsuyu is such a likable character, and her internship with Sirius and Selkie only made her all the more endearing. Her calm, collected and obedient demeanor were on full display, thanks to some excellent writing. Tsuyu isn’t the chattiest girl, but when she does pipe up, it’s always something…

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