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Aug 20, 2017

By: Max Cannon

If you’re lucky enough to have a fancy current generation console like a PlayStation 4 Pro or an Xbox One S you may think that your gaming couldn’t get any better.  Here are some of our favorite accessories to really up your gaming sessions to the next level.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Without question the best controller on the market, the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is definitely on the pricier side but nowhere near as much as our final accessory. Setting you back $149.99 will definitely leave your wallet feeling much lighter but you’ll soon be feeling the weight again as the Elite Controller is as dense as they come. 

With a similar design to the standard Xbox One controller, the Elite Controller is full of features that make sure every input from the player is as precise as ever. Are you a picky player who wants a different texture to your thumbsticks? Then swap them out with any of the included varieties. Or if you’re looking for a little more precision from your D-pad for any fighting games you’ll want to use the satellite disc looking substitution that you can see pictured below.

The awesome, but pricey, Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.Courtesy of Xbox

Other features of the controller include paddles on the back that will give you another option to press a button. Dislike where a game places your jump button? Remap it to one of the paddles and really get in on some customization. And while it doesn’t work on some games, the controller also allows for hairpin triggers which cut the amount of time it takes to press LT or RT in half.

Extra Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

When I first ordered my Nintendo Switch I went with the gray Joy-Cons because I thought the neon/colored ones looked a little garish. I was happy with my decision until I took a look at my friend’s neon Switch in person. What a goof, I made. It’s been months since the Switch released and I…

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