Motorsports: Aguilar, Mangosong to renew supercross rivalry

Glenn Aguilar is a 16-time Rider of the Year and former Asian Motocross titleholder. Photo from Aguilar’s Facebook page

MANILA – The Diamond Motor Corporation Supercross will be returning for the second straight year this March as it features a battle between a highly decorated veteran and a younger-but daring rider.

According to Sam Tamayo of Generation Congregation and event organizer Xtreme Adrenaline Sports, this year’s competition will renew the heated rivalry between Glenn Aguilar and Bornok Mangosong.

Aguilar, 16-time Rider of the Year and former Asian Motocross titleholder, is already considered a living legend in Pinoy motorcross, while Mangosong, the first Filipino to complete the backflip maneuver, heads the country’s young turks.

“During recent previous years, we witnessed ‘yung gap between Sir Glenn sa younger riders lumiliit,” Tamayo said at the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) forum at the Golden Phoenix Hotel in Pasay City on Tuesday. 

Tamayo described Aguilar as a grizzled veteran with a wealth of experience in the dirt track due to his training abroad. Mangosong, on the other hand, has exceptional talent, he said. 

“Glenn does frequent training in the States so ‘yung level of dedication, lifestyle, diet ay grabe,” said Tamayo. “Noong 2013 nag-evolve si Bornok, tinatalo na si Sir Glenn pero inconsistent pa. Ngayon, dominant na rin.”

The first leg will kick off on March 4, followed by the second leg on March 25. The third leg unfurls on April 29 with the penultimate leg on May 13. The final leg will be held on May 27.

Last year, the KTM Philippines-sponsored Aguilar dominated the field to win the overall title in the Pro-Open Production. 

Mangosong failed to contend after missing some of the legs due to other commitments. This year, however, Mangosong vowed to complete all five legs of the event.

Around 100 riders are expected to compete in the event that will take place at the MX Messiah Fairgrounds…

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