Mets should let a Jacob deGrom trade offer blow them away

You own a house. You love the house. It is the keeper, the one you bought with the plan to raise a family there.

But you also paid attention in Economics 101 the day the professor mentioned that when supply is low and demand is high, prices soar. Now, this scenario is playing out in your neighborhood. Thus, you have a decision to make: Do you stick with the original strategy and ignore the market place? Or do you see how far motivated buyers go when inventory is low?

Because you know it is worth $1 million, so if someone offers that or even $1.2 million or $1.4 million, thanks, but no thanks. However, what if someone in this environment bids $2 million or $2.5 million? Doesn’t that, at minimum, necessitate big-picture thoughts about how it can set up your family for years to come?

Now, say you have Jacob deGrom. If you are the Mets, you love deGrom. He is a keeper, the one you planned to stick with throughout his prime.

But you are Sandy Alderson, and you notice the supply for top starters is thin and the demand great. Do you stick with the original strategy and ignore the market place? Or do you see what he is worth?

Because you have an idea of the value, but say a desperate team is willing to double that value, better positioning your team for years to come. And, lo and behold, five teams with arguably top seven or eight farm systems need someone just like deGrom – the Yankees, Dodgers, Astros, Brewers and Braves.

Remember, putting the house or player on the market does NOT mean you have to unload it. This is merely an exercise in seeing how far a hungry suitor might go.

I tried to make this case recently for the Tigers with Michael Fulmer and the Cardinals with Carlos Martinez. I would make it also for the Mets with deGrom and the Mariners with James Paxton. Right now, if you have a reasonably priced elite starter in his prime with years of control ahead of him, you can expect a staggering return.

With Jose Quintana off the market,…

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