Messenger Launches New Artificial Intelligence Features

Messenging app ‘Messenger‘ launched a range of new artificial intelligence (AI) features in Australia on Wednesday.

The AI, called ‘M’, works almost like a prompting service, where it recognises words and phrases used in a conversation and then suggests relevant content and actions based on the chat between the two users.

For example, if you’re speaking to someone on their birthday, ‘M’ will recognise either through a phrase used or their Messenger profile when their birthday is and then prompt you to send a birthday message.

Similarly, if you are chatting about making plans or struggling to come to a group decision about something, the AI will suggest you make a plan or start a group poll respectively. If you are chatting in a one-on-one conversation, and one person rises the idea of making a call, ‘M’ will prompt you to start a video or voice chat.

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