Marseille’s HDMI Cable Does the Impossible: It Improves Graphics Quality

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about cable quality in my years in IT, it’s this: Some cables are definitely better than others, but premium cables are almost never worth the money unless you’re spending it on an extremely specific feature. There are some specific scenarios in which you might want a higher-end cable if you’re doing a very long run and need high transmission speeds. There are, for example, cases where Cat 6 provides a demonstrable performance improvement over Cat5e. But when companies claim to have HDMI cables that have special electron properties through the use of a phase-compensated samoflange, we recommend everyone tune out and do something productive, like fight with people on YouTube comment threads.

At least, that’s what we’ve always recommended before. But Marseille has an HDMI cable out, called the mCable Gaming Edition, that visibly improves game performance–and they pulled it off by embedding a microchip directly into the cord. According to Marseille, the chip inside its HDMI cable performs contextual antialiasing and adaptive resolution scaling, can handle high frame rates, and introduces less than 1ms of lag. That’s a pretty tall set of claims, though the company does provide a few game screenshots to illustrate its point.

Click to enlarge. Image by PC Perspective

PC Perspective got their hands on one of these cables and put it to the test. The results are… good. They’re unilaterally good. While we’ve only grabbed one screenshot (pictured below), we recommend checking out their article to see how the cable performs on everything from modern games to old classics.

At $120 to $140 per cable (with 3-foot,…

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