Managing people in large geography like India only possible through Staffing

Staffing for Project Management : Staffing itself is the complete process. It includes practice from recruiting, selecting, and establishing workforces for a project, and even firing them when they are no longer needed. Human resource management is about managing people of the project with the human approach, which means employing and deploying people, developing and utilizing their skills, maintaining and compensating their   deliveries, and directing their forces towards a project goal.

Tips to Recruit New Employees:

First of all, identify your needs, whether you require junior or senior person, what skills are required and other important details required for the particular project.

  1. Use the various recruitment tools such as newspaper, recruitment sites etc.
  2. Use socialization for recruitment.
  3. Posting on these social sites may yield varying results.
  4. Think outside the box to get the right people on the right job.
  5. Decide whether to give training or not, this will help you to decide if to hire an experienced person or the fresher.
  6. Check through filed resumes and applicants from past employee searches. Someone that almost made the cut for a previous position may still be interested in your opportunity and a potential candidate for you.
  7. Recruitment takes a lot of efforts and time, so one need to have patience and take the decisions consciously.
  8. If possible, take the professional help in the hiring process.

Project planning identifies the staffing need for the project and once the needs are determined then the process should be set to meet them.


Temporary Contract Staffing: The hiring for the temporary contracts are as important as the hiring for the permanent or full-time employee. Both need equal amount of time and efforts. Technically, anyone who works for an employer for a regular wage or salary automatically has a contract of employment. While the complete contract does not have to be in writing, whereas a person working on the temporary contract need to have a written contract with the working period clearly mentioned in it. Employing the staff/ employee for the temporary contract is complicated and need to be handled carefully.Temporary Contract Staffing also have its benefits, which need to be well communicated to the aspirants/applicants. Temporary positions offer candidates the flexibility of choosing when, where and how they want to work. Sometimes, they can also provide a bridge between permanent jobs or the chance for people to showcase their abilities to potential employers. Although, temporary contract staffing is new to India but this concept is quite popular & successful around the world.


Staffing Agencies India: People sometimes consider using the services of a commercial employment agency. While choosing for such agency, one should always consider the honest, dedicated and a well-known agency for recruiting the best available staff. Opt for the consultant who has lots of experience and can advise about the availability…

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