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The gang’s motto is: ‘mata, viola, controla,’ which translates to ‘kill, rape, control’

Their chilling motto is: “mata, viola, controla,” which literally translates to “kill, rape, control” and their weapon of choice is the machete; not so much for its deadly capabilities but the fact that it can inflict gruesome, unimaginable injuries that serve as a warning to others.

MS-13, the world’s most evil street gang, has achieved such notoriety in America that police say bosses of New York’s five Mafia families are known to have hired its members to carry out assassinations and torture rivals on their behalf.

In Long Island alone, the gang has been responsible for 17 murders in the past year, including a quadruple homicide in the small town of Islip in New York state back in May.

Elsewhere across America, MS-13 is known to have killed hundreds since being formed in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s. But while many think America’s president is spouting rhetoric as the world’s attention focuses on a North Korean madman with his finger on the nuclear trigger, Donald Trump appears to be winning the first war he declared on taking office this year.

Since January, following scores of raids across America – 50 carried out in LA simultaneously – an astonishing 3,311 gangsters, mainly from MS-13 and affiliated crime organisations, are in custody.

Many will stand trial for crimes ranging from murder to rape, robbery, extortion, drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering and kidnapping. Others, in the US illegally, will be deported to their country of origin – in most cases El Salvador.

At a recent rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Trump told supporters: “You have a gang called MS-13. They don’t like to shoot people. They like to cut people. They do things that nobody can believe. These are true animals.”


Donald Trump has declared war on MS-13

He added, triumphantly: “We are moving them out of the country by the…

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